Wireless Internet

With the Telkom cable infrastructure in the rural areas continually being hampered due to cable theft, Wireless Internet has become the saving grace for many Individuals and Businesses. Most rural areas are not covered by Telkom infrastructure which leaves wireless as the only option for internet, e-mail and telephony services.

With no cable infrastructure required, a Wireless installation can be affected within 2 working days. Once installed, you will have a proper broadband connection with fast Internet access.

We offer 24/7 Wireless Connectivity for the Home and Business user. Our network includes 24/7 internet connectivity and supports fax-to-email, Skype, VoIP, VPN’s and CCTV Monitoring. There is a once off installation fee and a fixed monthly service charge, depending on your choice of package. We have capped and uncapped packages to suit your needs.

  • No ADSL or Telephone lines required
  • The customer owns the CPE/equipment
  • A free site survey is required to confirm line of sight
  • We currently provide wireless internet to Modimolle (Nylstroom), Phagameng, Cyferfontein and surrounding areas.

Network Cabling

We specialise in network cabling, data cabling, structured cabling and ethernet cabling, for home (residential) network cabling and corporate (business) network cabling for office.

Furthermore, we also specialise in data and voice cabling for data and VoIP applications for office (business), for both cat5e ethernet cabling and cat6 ethernet cabling. We also offer network cabling and data cabling for schools and school computer lab cabling, as well as network and data cabling for call centres and data centres.

Typically we beat the normal standard when it comes to home or office network cabling. Our quality workmanship is also guaranteed for your convenience.

We offer re-cabling services, new network points, fixing of faulty network points and installations of any sized business or home.

CCTV Installations

Installation of cameras, focus areas, cabling between camera and DVR system, and configuring remote access.

Your choice of outdoor bullet cameras or indoor dome cameras in any combination and variation of cameras.

We also offer a one hour session with our CCTV technician to show you how the system works.

VoIP, PBX & Telephone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP) or VoIP is a family of technologies for the delivery of voice communication over the Internet. VoIP can be used on any Internet connection, ADSL, 3G, Wireless, etc. as long as it is a good quality Internet connection.

VoIP refers to voice communications which is used by IP Telephone for the transmission via the Internet, rather than a normal analogue telephone system (PSTN). Calls are made using a VoIP telephone or relevant VoIP device; calls are digitized and encoded where after it is transmitted over the Internet as IP packets. On the other end the process is reversed and the original voice is heard.

There are a number of devices that can be used to make VoIP calls. Firstly you get Dedicated VoIP phones that connect directly to you wired or wireless network. These are varied from very basic to advanced multi-line digital displays. The wireless phones (DECT systems) give you freedom of movement and excellent range.

VoIP numbers in South Africa typically starts with 087 but you can “port” your old Telkom telephone number. Say you previously had a number (011) 243-7654 provided by Telkom but they can no longer provide you a service (South Africa’s biggest problem – cable theft). You want to keep that number because you’ve had it for years and all your customers/Family knows it – no problem. With a little paperwork you’ll be back in business with you old number in no time!

The big advantage of VoIP is cost – typically a call to a “landline” will cost R 0.50/min and R 1.00/min to “mobile numbers”. Calls are also charged per second and not per minute. The most impressive though is that Inter-VoIP calls (from the same VoIP Provider) are FREE.

For Instance, you can sign up for two VoIP accounts with us, one for HQ and one for the branch office. Either you can make FREE calls directly to each other via a VoIP device, IP PBX or hosted PBX. Without getting too technical it means that you can pick up any extension in the building and phone the branch office – the PBX system will make sure that it is a VoIP to VoIP call and thus a FREE call.

At Keter Technologies- we can provide you with a whole host of VoIP services. From installing a single VoIP service at a private home to installing a new fully functional VoIP PBX with 1 to 200 extensions.

We also provide a hosted PBX service whereby each Keter Technologies Wireless customer has their own dedicated extension as well as their own dedicated VoIP telephone number. Keter Technologies customers can therefore phone each other internally on their private extensions via the wireless network without “breaking” out to the internet. Calling internally via the wireless network saves valuable bandwidth and is FREE.

Please call us on (014) 940-0096 for more info on a VoIP Solution for your Home or Business.